Critics, Claims and Opinions, from real travellers

From: Jon

I did check out Lider and picked up all the Kuntsmann beers and a few 6 packs of imported german beers, as well as some others. All in all we had a nice trip to Arica, and I'm sorry for not writing while we were there, but I never got on the computer. We ended up not daring enough for a swim as it was too windy and

As for tips on your website, I can say that the hotel Arica and the Paso are both underfurnished for what I expect from a 4 star hotel. The Paso was the better one, as far as being more modern. But if you want to stay on the beach, the hotel Arica is an atrocious option. The gym was dank and rusted, the game room not functionable, and our room was decorated at least 20 years ago and had a lousy mattress and cheesy green wooden furniture. Our dinner was overpriced too, and we sent back our swordfish and salmon because they were too dry and thin. The waiter admitted that they were frozen and shipped in from other ports. The only fish they carry fresh is Corvina, which is what we ended up having. The people were friendly though all over the town, and the shopping was generally good. Best meal was at Terminal Pesquero or Tortas y Tartas. Oh, and Chilean ATM's are a bitch with "foreign cards". I was cash poor for much of the trip.

My comments:

Watch you guys in hotel Arica, there are many things to improve!, specially check prices at restaurant, I agree that they are very pricy. Tip for ordering meal: salmon, tuna or swordfish are not available fresh in Arica, only frozen because salmon comes from extreme south and swordfish-Tuna from Ecuador or northern, you may beter look for lenguado, corvina, san pedro or any local fish wich, in fact is better at Terminal Pesquero or Club de Yates restaurants. In Banco de Chile (at 21 de Mayo Street) there are the most foreign-friendly ATMs